Some more pictures of flats. All pictures of flats (30mm throughout i.e. still enlarged) can be further enlarged to show more details.

These are some Duchy of Warsaw units and Chevaulegers Belges du duc d`Arenberg in 1807 (later 27th Rgt. French Chasseurs à Cheval) painted by Vladimir Douchkine about 1930-1950. The flats have been designed and engraved by Johannes Frauendorf. They are today available at Wünsch. I like the artistic painting-technique of Mr. Douchkine very much. Light and shade been pefectly placed especcially at horses. Consequently I choose one flat to be enlarged 400% to be examined in detail.

Duchy of Warsaw

Chasseurs 1.Rgt., Officer, Trumpeter, Private; Chasseurs 5.Rgt., Officer, Trumpeter, Private

Duchy of Warsaw

Lancers 2.Rgt., Officer, Trumpeter, Private (conversion);

Chevaulegers Belges du duc d`Arenberg: Chasseur, Trumpeter (conversion);

 This picture may be enlarged 400% to show painting technique in detail.